Company Setup in ZonesCorp Freezone

Setup your company in  ZonesCorp Freezone

The Dubai Free Zones are aimed in the direction of growing a high facility region for all sorts of businesses to settle in their territory and develop towards new limits, over their period of function. The ZonesCorp is not different its walks and functions on the same objectives. The ZonesCorp is also known as Dubai’s industrial park. ZonesCorp is committed to growing the industrial infrastructure in the capital, cultivating a business climate conducive to growth and driving the diversification of the economy.

The ZonesCorp free zone hub has facilitated the establishment of various commercialized industries over the time of its existence and has helped them to run their business higher with facilities that they may have hardly observed inside the other parts of the world.

The ZonesCorp freezone is divided in to some of different zones to assist in establishment and grouping of comparable industries. Some of them are:
Extending over 14 squares Km, this zone has seen the establishment of industries involved in heavy to medium scale manufacturing of various products like different metal products, construction materials, plastic products and fiber glass. This sector also holds industries, contributing in the engineering and processing of related products.


This zone mostly involves light to medium scale manufacturing industries, grouped with engineering and processing industries. This sector of 11 square kilometers in ZonesCorp Free Zone mostly takes care of wood processing, oil & gas, engineering, chemicals, and construction materials.

This sector is 12 square kilometers, the ICAD III zone in the ZonesCorp Freezone plays as a host to various industries like oil, gas, engineering zone, wood, construction materials etc.

-Al Ain Industrial City (I, II):

Spread over 10 square kilometers sector of the ZonesCorp Freezone is situated between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and developed as a multi use sector development sector for various industries engaged in light to medium manufacturing, engineering and processing of different materials and products. Some are wood, gas, oil, plastic, chemicals, textiles and food.

Worker’s Residential Cities:

As there are so many industries located in the ZonesCorp Freezone’s different sectors and that needs workers on large scale. This ignited a demand for their housing, which acted as the base for construction of the Worker’s Residential Cities.

More Zones are going to be added in ZonesCorp soon in which some of them are ICAD IV & V, Construction and Building Materials Zone and Worker’s Residential Cities.