RAK Investment Authority Company Setup

Setup your company in RAK Investment Authority

An organization established in 2005 decree by the ruler of Ras Al Khaimah in UAE. The idea of RAKIA is to manufacture a different economy that appreciates solid, feasible development, by gaining funds from the local and overseas markets that makes assets also lifts up the way of life for the general population of Ras Al Khaimah.

Ras Al Khaimah is a 35-45 minute drive from Dubai. Organizations set up in RAKIA’s free tradee zones gives several advantages, for example, total exception from all charges, total repatriation of capital and profits, and land leases at very concessional rates.

Full solutions are offered by RAKIA for the necessities of each investor and offer some incentive and consumer loyalty, guarantee least transaction and exchange rate, allow organizations to prosper in the speediest time and for making interest in Ras Al Khaimah simple, effortless and a wonderful experience. The development focused on manufacturing, property, services, construction and tourism.

After effectively managing business parks in Ras Al Khaimah, a Free Industrial zone is arranged in Georgia (Eastern Europe) by RAKIA, in the support of an assisting company of RAKIA. It’s the primary free zone in the Caucasus Region; it is deliberately situated for simple access to the EU, Central Asia and Caucasus/Eastern European markets. Its being set up by the Poti Sea Port, is as well a branch of RAKIA, the biggest sea port operating at Black Sea region and offers gigantic production network cost advantage for development of goods.

Aside from the Parks, RAKIA has organized itself along a few other key strategic units.

Business Units

RAKIA has structured itself along eight business units.

– Education/Technology

– Industrial parks

– Transportation

– Investments

– Manufacturing & Energy

– RAK Offshore


Each unit is headed by experienced professionals who are responsible for overall performance of business units. They are engaged to act autonomously and have authority to make official choices that are to the greatest advantage of RAKIA. The primary order of the investment committee of trustees is to detail investment technique, investment criteria and investment rules for investments by RAKIA.

In spite of the fact that the drive to attract foreign companies has been a current development, RAK has for some time been one of the modern focuses of the UAE. The industrial sector has been ruled by the three fundamental industries of Cement, Ceramics and Pharmaceuticals. The division has expanded in the current years particularly since the production of free zones and in addition partnerships between government and foreign investors.