Company Setup in Masdar City Freezone

Setup your company in Masdar City Freezone

Masdar City Freezone was recognized in 2006, it works to achieve the wide limits of the renewable power and technology industry to meet challenges. There are four integrated units, which are independent, research graduate university, come forward as a leader in making renewable strength a real, feasible business and Abu Dhabi a worldwide center of excellence within the renewable power and easy technology category. Masdar is Abu Dhabi’s subordinate and Mubadala Development Company.

Benefits of Masdar City Freezone

The area of Masdar city is about 6 square kilometers; it’s the city most people prefer to live in, the development of technology groups’ in Masdar City is serving to provide space to its resident agencies inside power source and clean-tech industry.

As Masdar city is broadly recognized as one of the globe’s most exciting eco-developments, it’s also a Freezone positioned close to Abu Dhabi International Airport and 17km from downtown Abu Dhabi. Masdar City offers clients.

  • foreign ownership guaranteed
  • lesser import tariffs
  • free from business and individual income taxes
  • Freedom of repatriation both profits and capital
  • Simple and fast registration setup, visa processing and government relations.
  • Most attractive, maintainable living and effective business groups in the world.
  • Beginning spot into international, local and regional markets.
  • Vital collection of regional knowledge and talent.
  • Highly profitable office space and licensing.
  • Masdar institute partnership with R&B Hub
  • 40 minutes from Dubai and near to Abu Dhabi International Airport, Yas island, Khalifa City,

Masdar City’s and its infrastructure is becoming a complimentary for companies to conduct business generously.

Licensing in Masdar City

Masdar City’s main focus is to attract corporations and seek research in the following areas of the industries like green buildings, solar, water, power storage, smart grids, electric powered vehicles efficiency home equipment, and waste. It’s because of its plus point on weather and geography.

Mostly, associate businesses and groups looking for installation in Masdar city have to work within one of the following fields:

  • Energy Production
  • Transmission and Distribution of Energy.
  • Environment and Air
  • Recycle and Solid Waste
  • Green Building
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • System Applications
  • Network and communications
  • Natural Products
  • IT Service
  • Water and Waste Water
  • Storage of Energy
  • Equipments for  Efficient Energy
  • Transport

The other six activities including research and development, retail, business, demonstration, education, finance are basic procedure in Masdar city.