Company Setup in Dubai Media City Freezone (DMC)

Setup your company in Dubai Media City Freezone (DMC)

Dubai Media City was established in 2000, by governmental decree, to be found in Dubai at the intersection of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, Dubai Media City (DMC) appeared as a worldwide media center. DMC has a helpful environment and highly developed infrastructure for media-associated corporations to function worldwide. There are over 1300 companies established in DMC Freezone recently. The Dubai Media City legislation is provisioned by an independent entity referred to as Dubai Technology and Media Freezone Authority (DTMFZA) that enables companies to accomplish business activities in a top rate environment based on worldwide standards.

The Dubai Freezone have continually functioned towards providing various firms and companies belonging to different industries thrive for the great and offer maximum output each in terms of offerings and bring. In short they have got created an atmosphere for these industries where they are able to grow in a cost-effective unfastened region, with no requirement of paying heed to taxes and customs.

Licensing in DMC Freezone

In DMC, commercial licenses are issued for free zone limited liability companies, for branch offices and for freelancers in line with the DMC Freezone Authority regulations. All licenses are issued by the Registration and Licensing branch within the DTMFZA. The permits have one-year validity and they may be renewed yearly. It is also critical to understand that delaying the renewal of the industrial license draws penalty.

DMC business permits can also be amended if the company changes its name, its popularity from branch office to limited liability Company, if any management, business activity or address changes emerge. If share transfer or capital injections or reductions become visible, they all must be noted within the license.  Mergers also are permitted among companies within the DMC, while license annulment is viable thru an on-line method.

Getting Registered with DMC Freezone

Before getting on with the details of how you may get registered with the Dubai Media City Freezone you’ll first need exact knowledge on which sort of media centric companies and firms Dubai Freezone holds. Various types of companies that have taken shelter under this thriving zone, ever since its inception in the year 2001 include,

  • Marketing services,
  • Media Services,
  • Communication & Advertising companies,
  • Event Management,
  • Event Support Services,
  • Media Consultancy,
  • New Media
  • Freelancers
  • Non profit associations