Company Setup in Dubai Studio City Freezone (DSC)

Setup your company in Dubai Studio City Freezone

Think about an area in which you can shoot a movie from start to finish in one region. Dubai Studio City is one among various media driven capitalized initiatives made by Dubai holding subsidiary TECOM Investments. It was launched in 2005; Dubai Studio City is also known as DSC freezone showcases a business community with advanced technology quantifiably production oriented commercial space.

With the dawn of the digital technology and rising variety of television channels, the future of the broadcast industry looks extraordinarily vibrant. Therefore, a new collect of impartial broadcast boutiques has emerged, to provide design, music composition, and visual effects services. These companies can accomplish their potential in a virtually available region from Dubai Studio City.

Dubai’s picturesque landscapes frequently attract film makers from Hollywood, Bollywood and across the area. The city also hosts the annual Dubai global movie festival that is gaining strong momentum after a fantastic starting in December 2004. The huge variety of films and glamorous film personalities who attended the competition have firmly placed Dubai on the world movie map.

Dubai Studio City is an ultra-modern integrating every aspect of content manufacturing and broadcast under one roof. It’s around 22 million square feet Dubai Studio City offers customized actual property specifically built for manufacturing, publish-production and broadcasting, along with studios, sound stages, and commercial places of work. Services included are digital distribution of content, satellite uplink, industry networking opportunities, permits for film shooting in Dubai, location and production assistance, short and long term visa facilitation.

Key benefits

-Ownership, Taxation, Repatriation Advantage.
-100% foreign ownership.
-100% repatriation of capital and profits.
-No personal income tax.
-No corporate tax.
-High speed internet infrastructure.
-Excellent residential areas and schools for expat families.

Dubai Studio City offers wide range of leasing facilities starting from hot-desks and moving up to the fully fitted offices with beautiful views surrounding the Dubai Studio City. When you produce entertainment, inspiration is essential and Dubai studio is one of the most inspiring communities in Dubai. The whole thing about the freezone has been designed to create the first-class surroundings for innovative corporations. Setting up in Dubai is made even easier even as you pick out a commercial enterprise consultancy which can take care of your business registration, legal requirements, visas, and different company formation necessities. Our consultants are ready to go to share their expertise, so that you can focus on the core of your business.