Company Setup in Dubai Flower Centre Freezone

Setup your company in Dubai Flower Centre

Dubai Flower Centre located at Dubai International airport, DFC is a new nerve centre for floriculture growth in this century. This nerve centre has direct easy and direct access to Dubai International Airport. In international market a massive growth has been seen in flowers, that increases the demand and worth of Dubai Flowers Centre and it is innovative for commercial solution to assure standard and boost profit in the industry.

The DFC phase 1 was finished in 2004 with cost ends up around 50 million dollars. The flower centre still undergoing as two more phases are under construction. This centre will be completely automated in 5 to 7 year to handle all flower products; it starts with semi automated structure.

The Flower centre is able to handle up to 150,000 tons of flowers. The handling capacity forecast more than 300,000 metric tons yearly. The completely automated and flourish phase has 100,000 sq meters floor area, provides cubicles and offices for export apart from commodity break down and automated sorting areas and buildup locations. In Dubai Flower centre, the facility of cold storage is completely bonded and measures 34,000 sq meters. Currently this centre has around 19 tenants belongs to 11 countries, offers divergent range of work and varieties of foliage, vegetables, flowers, fruits and plant. It will serve more than 2 billion consumers when it becomes fully operational.

Services provide by Dubai Flower Centre:

  1. DFC is developed as trans-shipment nerve centre, with global connections daily. The processes developed and design to make sure rapid transit times.
  2. Cool chain that is world’s best management.
  3. Expedite and support to allow dynamic commercial transactions.
  4. Cost effective value addition.

Company Registration at Dubai Flower Centre:

Step 1: Application:

It includes,

  1. Completely filled application form.
  2. Last three years of company financial report.
  3. Plan of business.

Step 2: Review of Application.
Step 2a: Statement of Understanding.
Step 3: legal documents submission.
Step 4: Review of Documents
Step 5: Final Acceptance.
Step 6: Issuance of License and Agreement of Lease.