Company Setup in Jebel Ali Offshore

Setup your company in Jebel Ali Offshore

Jebel Ali is just located exterior to Dubai and it’s around an hour’s drive from Abu Dhabi. Al Maktoum International Airport, that is considered to be the biggest airport in the world in both transportation and passenger quantity, is built simply outdoor the port area. The Jebel Ali Freezone Authority (JAFZA), together with Dubai Authorities, introduced the Offshore Company in 2003 under the Jebel Ali Freezone Offshore Companies Regulations 2003.

The international business community can establish offshore entities at JAFZA now in order with other international offshore jurisdictions. Guidelines have been framed in a manner to deliver the convenience and efficiency of global offshore locations and maintain an excessive reputation with international economic authorities.

Features of JAFZA Offshore Company:                         

Shareholders –not more than one shareholder is required and corporate shareholders are allowed. Worldwide corporate shareholders are necessary to get all files of company attested;

Directors: Two directors are necessary minimum and no corporate directors allowed. Information of the director is not shown on the public register.

Secretary: There should be a secretary for the company; the director can as well perform a secretary’s duty.

Share Capital: No least share capital requirements

Annual Reporting: A company must keep office records upto10 years from the date of preparation. An auditor must be appointed from an approved list to give details on accounts.

Benefits of an Offshore Company Registration

  • 100% ownership
  • 100% tax free
  • Shares in local companies
  • Regional real property ownership
  • Local bank account
  • Share holder and director details
  • Registrar has power to appoint inspectors to investigate
  • Speedy incorporation process
  • Ownership of property including Dubai

Companies should pay a one-time registration fee of AED 10,000 and an annual rate of AED 2,500 to resume it. Land and workplace space is provided at affordable prices and easy renewals.

Offshore corporation’s setup in JAFZA can have interaction within the following activities

  • Holding shareholders and directors’ meetings
  • Interacting professionally with legal consultants, lawyers accountants and auditors
  • Opening branches or consultant offices worldwide
  • Holding shares of a limited liability company formed in Dubai or some other place in Dubai, UAE
  • Holding shares in any unit within UAE, outside UAE or within UAE Freezone’s