Ajman Offshore Company Setup

Setup your company in Ajman Offshore

Ajman Freezone was recognized in 1988 and granted popularity below the Emiri Decree No. 3 of 1996 by the Ruler of Ajman, H.H Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Naumi. Throughout the previous few years, formations of company in Freezone increased.

Ajman Offshore is in the policies of Ajman Freezone Authority. Like other jurisdictions it provides a nil Taxation system and the enterprise’s confidentiality/privatizes & safety are kept intact. The legal address of the offshore company is the registered agent address.

Ajman Offshore Company Highlights

  • No Audit Report filing
  • No residence visa
  • International Business Company (IBC) with the same status as another Offshore Companies in the world
  • Names of Shareholders or administrators are not on Public record
  • No requirement of renting an office or commercial premises
  • Dubai address of AURION will be the official address of company
  • Cost effective incorporation and maintenance
  • Easy bank accounts in UAE

 License activities

This is a general overview of activities. More activities could be offered after each client’s requirement

  • Consulting and Advisory services
  • Expert Services
  • Investment and Joint Investments Company
  • Holding company
  • International Services
  • Property owning
  • Professional Services
  • Shipping and ship management companies
  • Commission agents company

Ajman Offshore Authority doesn’t allow bearer shares. Their procedure for offshore company formation is much quicker than the other offshore jurisdictions. As soon as the approvals and company name are done, and all the documents are complete on the submission to the Offshore Authority.

Following are the characteristics of Ajman Offshore Company Formation in Ajman Freezone:

Shareholders: Ajman offshore company registration need minimum one shareholder, commercial shareholders are suitable in Ajman offshore company Formation. Shareholders can choose the assets formation of Ajman offshore company. Bearer shares are not allowed but particular group of shares is acceptable.

Secretary: Ajman offshore corporation should have a secretary. And a director can be a secretary also.

Directors: At least two directors are necessary to setup Ajman offshore company and corporate directors are not permissible.

 Name Restrictions and Activity: Name of the company in Ajman should end with Limited.

Taxation: Ajman Offshore business enterprise pays zero/no taxes in UAE.

Timescale: Registration process will take approx. 2 and a few more days. Shareholders or their authorized lawyers should go to in individual in existence of AFZA executives to sign the documents for Ajman Offshore business enterprise formation.

Privacy: In Ajman Offshore company formation the info of directors and shareholders can be registered with Ajman authorities however will not be public now.