Company Setup in Shams Freezone (Sharjah Media City)

Setup your company in Shams Freezone (Sharjah Media City)

Sharjah is the home of culture, modernity and education. Its world class infrastructure, services and amenities make it a preferred land for business, tourist and residents.

Sharjah media city is located in state of Sharjah which is a capital of UAE. Also known as Shams free zone.Shams was launched in January 2017. As an outstanding free zone center for innovation, Shams sets the benchmark service and support to those who want to setup and launch their business. Shams Freezone gave endless value on regional content and the entrepreneurs’ morale became high in this growing community.

Shams free zone’s task is to build a creative business for motivated people, SMEs and well-known companies for the growth of their business locally and internationally. Shams zone is compelling creativity that bond intelligent people..

Advantages of Shams Free Zone Formation:

Shams is the new free zone in UAE free zones, it’s giving fascinating and attractive facilities and benefits to buildup companies in this zone. This is the best zone because it is giving following advantages.

  • Shams Free Zone company development provide one hundred percent foreign owner ship.
  • It offers no income tax plus it provides zero percent import and export duties.
  • No physical appearance required to build a company in this free zone.
  • It offers lenient and easy process for the formation of company and for visa too.
  • Company setup cost starting from AED 11,500.
  • No NOC required to Buildup Company in Shams FZ.
  • It provides one hundred percent free funds transfer.
  • Company documentation is very fast, it will be ready in 2 days.
  • No any limitation or restriction to hire foreign employees. 

Company Formation

Sharjah media city represents secure and dynamic environment for company formation, providing many benefits for foreign investors like no income tax, zero percent import and export duties and many others. The UAE recognized globally as a trading hub, boasting grand non-oil zone that shares nearly 70% of GDP, in which Sharjah trading activities contributes 45% of it. Thousandsof entrepreneurs, who successfully join and complete business formation process and are now a part of this thriving community.

Shams LLC

A shams limited liability company (LLC) is an independent body that separates the shareholders and owners from the company. Therefore the company liabilities are only of the company not the shareholder personal liability. This company is Independent working company. A proper license is allowed; also sponsor allowed plus visa of an employee. And bank account opening also allowed.

Shams Branch

A branch company development in Shams free zone is a unit which has a place with a current office. All income, profit, gains and further sales of the branch could be the deals and advantages and in addition different returns of the parent business. In addition, all operating expense, debts and costs of branch are the costs of parent company. It also allows getting a proper license also sponsor allowed plus visa of an employee, and bank account opening allowed.