Company Setup in RAK Maritime City Freezone

Setup your company in RAK Maritime City

To imagine the blend of unrivaled port and free zone offices, a convenient gateway, flexible company setup frameworks, heavenly foundation and smart support services is to get a look into the host of business conceivable outcomes that anticipates you at RAK Maritime City Free Zone, one of the Middle East’s most dynamic business center points.

RAK Maritime City Free Zone – a centre of modernism, flexibility and chance for your business.

RAK Maritime City Free Zone covers a territory of a few million square meters, isolated into zoned plots which can hold businesses of varying size and over different industrial sectors. Its vital position as the closest Free Zone the Strait of Hormuz has exceptional advantages as fuel cost savings for tenants, and its port functionality and features in terms of entrance draft depth, deep-water berths, exclusive jetties and available quay wall are second to none.

RAK Maritime City Freezone will be zoned into territories for specific use like warehousing, retail, cargo handling, industrial production and manufacturing, ship building or repairs, and tank storage. Each will have the capacity to join organizations as FZE and FZC entities.

RAKMC takes into account vast industries interested in free zone business setup in UAE with the smallest plot accessible beginning at 25,000 square meters.

Property and Plot Sizes

Plot sizes go from 25,000sqm upwards and those plots with a exclusive compartment or jetty of 100 linear meters will require minimum range of roughly 40,000sqm. Setting up in RAKMC includes getting a mix of business permit, legal entity and an office.

Types of Licenses

These licenses are only valid inside RAK Maritime City; Licenses are not allowed to operate in UAE outside RAKMC premises.

  1. General Trading License- This license can be obtained under a Commercial License, which allows more than seven product lines.
  2. Business License- This permit enables the owner to import, export, trade, issue and stock up things indicated on the license. If the completed products are sold in the market of UAE then the owner of license will do this through local agent or distributor. Up to seven activities under a similar business activity group.
  3. Industrial License- In this license the owner is able to import raw materials to manufacture, processing as well as gathering specified products. The completed products might be traded outside the UAE. Sales in the UAE market must experience a distributor or local agent.