Company Setup in International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)

Setup company in International Free Zone Authority (IFZA)

IFZA is a leading Free zone Community in Dubai with world class infrastructure, state-of-art facilities, and business friendly regulations and is the most important investment hub in the UAE. . It has become business owner’s first choice because of reasonable cost. IFZA is an ideal place for investors and business people to set up and grow their business in UAE because of its cost effectiveness.

The registration process of company and license issuance is very fast with 2 days all the process is done. This free zone issues trading company licenses in lowest rates including service license industrial license, commercial trading license and more. Investor can easily register from any place they are living no need to travel to UAE for that and not even Capital needed to be shown to the bank. They have designed business set up packages in such a way that meets the needs of every businessman around the world. Hence without any hassle set up your company in this free zone (International Free Zone Authority).

Benefits of Company Formation in IFZA

Some of the main benefits of setting up company at IFZA are:

  • Set up company in a single day
  • Company formation is fast, easy and just in a single day.
  • No physical presence of shareholder needed.
  • Foreign ownership is 100%.
  • 100% exclusion from income tax and corporate.
  • No requirement of physical office.
  • No requirement of share capital.
  • No documents required except passport copy.
  • LLC –. “Limited Liability Company” should be the suffix of company.
  • No audit report required annually.
  • Instant bank account opening.
  • A good time limit of 3 years UAE residency for employee and owner.

License Types in IFZA

IFZA offers following license types to both local and international businesses:

  • Service License: This license permits production, reproduction, and change in distribution of services.
  • Consultancy License: Companies which provide professional and specialized consultancy services to professionals, this license is issued to them.
  • Trading License: if a company is willing to exchange/trade items then Trading license is permitted to trade specified items on the license.
  • General Trading License: through this license you can trade wide range of items.
  • Industrial License: to import crude materials, production, re-production, packaging, assembling and export this license is issued.
  • Holding License: For holding individual assets and shares this license is allowed.
To get quickest help getting your company setup contact us and select the package you want, submit necessary documents, make payment and get your license issued. IFZA provides the fastest and simplest way to setup a company without any hassle. They offer smart packages and most modern facilities and services that’s why IFZA is investors most selected choice for formation of company in UAE.