Company Setup in Dubai Biotech Research Park

Setup your company in Dubai Biotech Research Park

Dubai Biotech Research Park an attraction for worldwide. DuBiotech is a science and Business Park committed to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry and is modeled on the freezone concept.

Dubai Biotechnology Research Park Freezone is known as a big appeal for many countries everywhere in the world. It was launched in 2005 Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum. It is known to be the very first park dedicated for research and development methods. Dubai Biotechnology Research Park Freezone is the contributory of the Dubai Government and invites numerous people from worldwide to take part in various development and research activities here. The registration for this park needs similar process such as other Freezone Registration.

The headquarters for DuBiotech could be based within the Bio Head Quarters building whereas the laboratories are located in the Nucleotide Complex. Up to now, 26 companies have signed up to become business partners of DuBiotech.


The Dubai Biotechnology and research Park Freezone Registration is covered on the area around thirty million square feet after whole project is completed. It will consist of various parks and each park will have different sectors like development unit, manufacturing unit, educational unit and the research project going on. Many known names are a part of Dubai Biotechnology Research Park Free zone and in the coming years many other well known names and new names will be included in the project also. There are 25 areas of warehouses 5000 square feet each and apart from that there are offices and lands for development building. All these are registered with certification of LEED that is the Leadership in Energy and Environment Design. Hence, it’s the center point for development of the country at the grounds of biotechnology.

Why use DuBiotech?

-DuBiotech is regarded as an ideal spot for life Sciences businesses as it offers a unique cluster environment with all of the elements of the life Sciences industry underneath one roof; it’s an one stop shop.

-Its Nucleotide complex is eco-friendly and presents facility for pharmaceutical companies to perform experiments and scientific trials.

-The UAE is presently rated because the number one area within the center East for the pharmaceutical enterprise;

-It enjoys tax free popularity;

-The UAE is the second biggest consumer of pharmaceutical products in the Gulf area;

-The UAE is presently rated the number one area within the Middle East for the pharmaceutical industry;

-Dubai is positioned as one of the top 10 life sciences spot for foreign direct investment.

-Proximity to clients and suppliers in center-East, Africa, Asia and Europe;

-International recognition

-Incredible networking possibilities (business development events; affiliations and alliances with distinguished universities, specialist hospitals, world regulatory bodies and other research parks).

-Alliances with local government bodies such as Ministry of Health, UAE and Dubai Health Authority.

-Strong regulatory framework.