Company Setup in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Freezone

Setup your company in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Freezone

The financial focal point of Middle East, South Asia and Africa is Dubai Intl. Financial Center (DIFC). It provides an outstanding platform which connects the markets of the district with America’s, Europe’s and Asia’s economies.

The DIFC concentrates on a few parts of financial movement that are Services of Banking (Corporate Banking, Investment Banking and Private Banking) Capital Markets, Fund Registration and Asset Management, Re-protection, Islamic Finance and Professional services.

Registering a company in DIFC

Business licenses are issued by DIFC Authority to financial institutes to work inside the freezone. There are centralized services in DIFC which are of good advantage for the companies operating within DIFC. Registrar of companies registers all the companies in DIFC.

Following sorts of companies are offered registration in DIFC:

  • LLC (limited liability companies)
  • Branch workplaces
  • Individual traders

The mainly utilized kind of company in the DIFC is the company with limited liability. At least 1 USD share capital is needed for company set up in DIFC but the company should not be working in the financial sector.


DIFX- Dubai International Financial Exchange is the best advantage given by DIFC. The activities related to finance are entirely managed in DIFC .This freezone also offers different advantages to foreign investors which are:

-Zero income tax,

-Complete overseas ownership,

-a famous stock trade,

-There are no limits to repatriate capital,

-a large range of business automobiles are included,

-a group of expert professionals staying in Dubai and other districts,

-An open and quick one stop shop services for permit of work, entry permit and many other prerequisites linked with that.

-A modernized relations, transportations and internet framework.

Types of Licenses

There are two types of licenses in DIFC for setting up the business

Managed License

The business actions linked with Finance and Banking is maintained by a financial regulatory system, managed entities make many of the DIFC’s customer profiles.

Non Managed License

Non managed license in DIFC is basically that license which is not linked with Finance or Banking. For example private services like salons, tailors and wellness exercise centers or gyms, retail jewelry shops , clothing , electronic items and an extensive range of restaurants and coffee shops. A non monetary activity goes on to particular establishments for example, lodgings or hotels and academic establishments and also many opportunities and chances for experts working at DIFC.