UAE Free Trade Zone – Setup Your Company in UAE

UAE Free Zone Setup have always been willing to help business people and investors in achieving their goal and to become the most discussed business in the UAE Free zones. We have Professionals who are eager to help you out in establishing and growing your company and business set up. Increasing number of business visionaries, foreign financial specialists and worldwide organizations are building up and growing their organizations in UAE Free Zones. Our services include, full documentation for authorizing, visiting different sites suitable to customers’ requirement, assisting visa application and residence permit and banking.

Our Services

Company Formation
Formation or registering a company in UAE is considered as a milestone in terms of documentation and the agencies. But with us now its hassle free with our potential professionals.

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Accounting Services
Accounting services is considered as the backbone of the business in the world. It is important to have the good hands on local, statutory and legal aspects of the finance of the company.

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Business Consulting
UAE Free Zone Setup provides the platform where you can get free consultation for your business. It is important to rightly choose the factors for successful business in UAE.

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Banking & Financial
We have developed a trustworthy name in terms of providing bank services to our registered clients. The success rate is 100 % in UAE in terms of opening a bank account.

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Visa Services
Whether you are living in UAE or visiting you need a valid visa.  Before applying for any type of visa for UAE there are some requirements for that our team do all legal work and make file ready for visa.

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Insurance Advisors
For UAE you need a visa whether residence or visit visa. Similarly, you are required to have an insurance which covers any type of loss from death, bankruptcy, injury or disability.

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How to setup a company in UAE?

It is very easy to register a company in UAE – In just few days, using below steps you’ll get your company registered.

1. Business Activity

Let us know the type of business you want to do in UAE. It’ll decide what licence your need.

2. Document Preparation

We’ll tell you what documents are needed for the specific business setup and you submit them.

3. Document Submission

We’ll prepare and submit all your documents with other required details to the concerned authorities.

4. Get Registered

After the approval, you’ll get the trade licence and all other required documents to do business in UAE.